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"Thank you for all the love and care shown to Euan and Caitlin while in your charge. Your dedication has been reflected in their eagerness to attend your school and in the joy they have, when telling me about all their activities..."

"...They had fun and been safe with you and both have learnt to love letters, numbers and the world around them. Thank you for all you have done."

Mrs. Pamela Palmer

"My wife and I would like to express our gratitude to you and your superb faculty staff for lending the best of your time and effort in shaping Pawit and Pawin's future. May you continue to maintain your excellent standard in stamping BestCare as one of Singapore's leading Montessoris."

Mr. and Mrs. Chantaworakit

"I thought I just drop you a line to say thank you so much for the fantastic start you gave my daughter Ishbel Christie. Your School taught Ishbel at an early age that learning could be fun and she continue to have this attitude throughout her school life.

I don’t know if you remember here, you were just about to open on Crescent Road(1998) and Ishbel was your very fist pupil (apart from your son that is). I fact I remember she was so desperate to start school like her older brother, you actually took her in an hour every day, for a few days before you were officially open.

Anyway after almost 15 years here now, heading back to Scotland and I thought I’d you drop a line just before we leave Singapore.  Ishbel has just completed the IB Diploma Programmer, graduating from United World College on Saturday and has happily been offered a place at University of Arts London.

Once again thanks and long may you continue your teachings."

Alison Christie

"I wish to thanks all the BestCare Montessori teachers for all that you have done in helping my daughter love learning. It is the most apt period when you can imbibe the good character, education, knowledge and culture and I believe you have done the best for my daughter. She enjoyed the school even on holidays and on her vacation. I feel it is a measure of success of BestCare and its teachers. You had built that interest. You have made the learning a fun activity for her. My daughter is so fortunate to have such loving and caring teachers. Many thanks for that.

It is one of the most difficult decisions that I had to make in discounting her from BestCare. But I was left with no other option as I had to move out of this neighborhood. For sure she will miss her teachers and her friends at BestCare. I wish you all the best. And once again many thanks for shaping up my daughter as what she is today."


"Thank you for always showing your care and concert towards my child, Angela (郭馨阳). I like the Montessori theory and always wanted to send my child to a Montessori childcare centre. Angela is indeed fortunate to be enrolled in the BestCare Montessori.


Last but no least, I am grateful to the supervisor, Teacher Ann, for leading a team of excellent Montessori teachers in running such a wonderful Montessori school, where I can truly see the Montessori education spirit."


"After two months we are convinced we have made the right decision by choosing BestCare Montessori for Mireille and Noel. We have never expected our kids to settle and feel comfortable so fast after we have moved from Germany to Singapore. It is wonderful to see them blossom. Thank you so much for your great devotion in taking care of our children and your effort to integrate and teach them."


"Max had such a wonderful time in school for the past 4 months and we would like to thanks all teachers & staff. We are glad we sent him to BestCare."

Parents of Max