About Us

Our Environment

We strive to create and maintain a vibrant and interactive atmosphere for our children, by keeping the child-to-teacher ratio small. Each group consists of ten to twelve children who thrive under the guidance of trained Montessori Directors and Childcare Practitioners – providing opportunities for personal coaching and individualized development that is focused on making the learning process enjoyable. We highly encourage self-paced learning in a conducive, non-competitive environment.

Our Philosophy

At BestCare Montessori, our aim is to instill lifelong positive learning attitudes in each child, and to this end, we ensure that the learning process is a fun, meaningful experience where children are encouraged to be inquisitive, and they gain knowledge with understanding.

Our People

Our dedicated team of teachers is led by mentors who are professionals with years of excellence in the Early Childhood and Montessori education. Equipped with skills and passion, we deliver some of the best methodologies and hands-on Montessori approaches in our programme. We introduce to the children about the world within and beyond them, constantly reviewing the programme to maintain and sustain interest in children.

Having served the community for more than 20 years, BestCare Montessori is committed to providing quality education and we warmly welcome you to experience the magic of Montessori!


Our Policy

BestCare Montessori is an equal opportunity school. We do not discriminate on any grounds or basis, such as race, gender, nationality, religion, cultural beliefs or social class.