The Montessori Method

At BestCare Montessori, the integration of Montessori Method and Early Childhood Care Education Program is supported by a team of dedicated, trained Childcare Practitioners, Montessori Directors and teachers.

We create a safe and conducive environment to inspire our children to develop life-long, positive learning attitudes. Our goal is to ensure that the learning process is a fun and meaningful experience where children gain knowledge with understanding.


Childcare Programs

Toddler Program, Nursery 1 & 2

English Language


Cultural Understanding

Sensorial & Practical Life Exercises

Kindergarten Program, K1 & K2

Language (Reading & Writing)



Cultural Understanding

Sensorial & Practical Life Exercises

Creative Arts


Our Reviews

Thank you for all the love and care shown to Euan and Caitlin while in your charge. Your dedication has been reflected in their eagerness to attend your school and in the joy they have when telling me about all their activities. They had fun and been safe with you and both have learnt to love letters, numbers and the world around them. Thank you for all you have done.

Mrs Pamela Palmer

My wife and I would like to express our gratitude to your and your superb faculty staff for lending the best of your time and effort in shaping Pawit and Pawan's future. May you continue to maintain your excellent standard in stamping BestCare as one of Singapore's leading Montessoris.

Mr and Mrs Chantaworakit

Your school has provided a lot of opportunities in boosting every child's intellectual and confidence level. The cheerful principal and sensitive teachers of BestCare Montessori make it clear that children should have fun while learning. I believe every parent wants the best for their child and at BestCare, it's one of the best Montessori school you can find in town.

Mrs Tjokro